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Apart from building new greenhouses, HORCONEX is also a specialist in renovating and equipping existing greenhouse structures. Greenhouse renovation involves modernisation and/or adaptation of the structure and/or equipment of your existing greenhouse to meet your needs in full. Renovation may be required if, for example, you switch to a different type of crop, the structure and/or equipment in your greenhouse becomes outdated or because you intend to modify the greenhouse to meet the guidelines of The Next Generation of Cultivation.

Renovation work

glasshouse renovation, greenhouse renovation, screen renovation

Your needs and requirements are identified in full prior to commencing any renovation work. Our team will help you do this and will run through the options with you. Following detailed discussions the final renovation plan is drawn up, and the greenhouse renovation can begin. 

Examples of our renovation work include:

  • Raising the height of the greenhouse.
  • Replacement of the roof.
  • A comprehensive approach to the drainage system.
  • Installation of a (new) heating, cooling and/or dehumidification system.
  • Replacement and installation of (external)screens.
  • Installation of new crop growing gutters.

New greenhouse versus renovation?

One of the most important factors in deciding between a new greenhouse and renovation is, of course, the cost involved. If you are in any doubt as to the right option for you, or if you need more information about the renovation options available for your greenhouse, please contact us.


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