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Geothermal heat

Would you like your greenhouse heating to use as little in the way of fossil fuels as possible? If so, HORCONEX can connect it to a new or existing geothermal (warm water) source. Warm water from the geothermal well is used to heat the water in your heating system. With geothermal heating, nothing else needs to be done to the heating system in your greenhouse. 

Geothermal greenhouse heating design

A variety of factors are taken into account when designing your geothermal greenhouse heating system. Our design will depend on the quantity of water and the temperature of your source. The heating design will aim to maximise efficiency, by drawing as much energy as possible from the geothermal source. Your individual needs and requirements, together with local climate conditions, will also be taken into account. These factors will also determine if a buffer tank needs to be installed.

More information

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